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Deep Diver Specialty



   Are you an Advanced Diver eager to explore wrecks or simply go deeper, and your experience level limits you to 30-meters/99 ft? If so, chances are the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course will interest you.

   The purpose of the specialty is to familiarize divers with the techniques, pitfalls, problems, procedures, and the enjoyment of extending the limit from 30 to 40 meters/99 to 131 feet, the maximum depth for the recreational diving.

What do I need?

   A PADI Advanced Diver certification and a minimum age of 16. And a previous dive to assess the student's skills, if the instructor conducting the course considers it necessary.

What is it about?

   You’ll learn how to plan deep dives, and about equipment, techniques, limitations, emergency plans, hazards of decompression, symptoms of narcosis and decompression sickness, among other key concepts. The course consists of four dives, none of which will exceed 40 meters/131 feet or will need a decompression stop.

   The price includes:

   Educational materials, instruction, part of the gear and certification.

   The price does not include:

   Diving computer and safety buoy.  It’s highly recommended that the students bring their own.


   220 usd.